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I am transferring one of my other stories over to DA. My name on the fanfiction sites is Moonlight Vampiress.  Thanks.

Chapter 2 - Defense Success and Failure

Potions had gone relatively fine and the next class was Charms which Ron didn't see as a good class for trying to get those two together. The last class of the day however was Defense Against the Dark Arts. Ideas were already swarming Ron's head with how to get them to work out their aggression against each other. It would be like muggle marriage counseling but with wands and dangerous spells that would almost kill someone. Oh well, who said muggles did anything the fun way.

The class filed into the room. Normally only people who chose careers in Defense had to take the class, but after the whole Voldemort fiasco, the ministry declared that the class was mandatory. Remus Lupin had been able to take the job back with the other teachers taking over during 'that time of the month'. Ron was aware that Remus knew of the rivalry between Harry and Draco which should mean that pairing them up for DADA in some capacity would be relatively easy. After all, learning about spells and dueling tricks from seeing two rivals face off against each other was an excellent way to learn.

The class started simply enough and then Ron got his wish.

"Would anyone like to volunteer to demonstrate a duel with the spells you have all learned in the past six years?" Professor Lupin asked with a kind smile.

Of course, Hermione shot her hand up first and Ron did everything in his power trying not to roll his eyes. As much as he adored his dear friend, she needed to settle down and not volunteer for everything. It would put a serious wrench in his plans if Lupin chose her and someone else to demonstrate the duel.

"Professor Lupin, I was thinking that perhaps Harry and Draco could demonstrate for us." Ron said, clearly ignoring the sneer from Malfoy since the other used his first name, the completely incredulous look from Harry, and the confused looks from his potions partner Blaise and other best friend Hermione.

"That is an interesting suggestion Ronald. May I ask why you have chosen it?" Professor Lupin asked with a rather curious expression on his own face.

Ron inwardly did a little dance as he continued speaking. "Those two have been rivals for years. I am sure that they each know a vast majority of spells and counter-spells, whether from family or Voldemort himself. It would be a fantastic lesson for all of us to watch them duel together." and a perfect opportunity to let them work out a bit of that unresolved sexual tension… err… animosity towards each other, Ron thought as he looked at Professor Lupin to see if his reasoning would be accepted.

Remus blinked mulling over the possibility. It was true that both Harry and Draco had been affected by the war in some way before Hermione had found that spell which ended it quite effectively. Those two would have the best knowledge due to training from family, friends, and the like, but it could also get quite dangerous. Still, the ministry wanted them taught and prepared in case another Voldemort came into existence and it would make for a decent match he supposed.

"I do believe you would be correct, Ronald." Professor Lupin said with a smile. "Would Harry and Draco please come down here with me? Everyone else, please use the strongest shield charm that you know in case of a runaway hex. Now, do you two remember the slight bit of a dueling lesson from your second year?"

When both students nodded, he continued to speak. "Good. I believe you are all set. I trust both of your judgments on spells to use, but will add the rule of no unforgivable curses and no curses that would cause either of you to miss the rest of the school year due to the severity of them. Both Light and Dark spells are allowed to be used as long as they don't fall within the first two rules."

Once he was done both Harry and Draco moved to face each other giving the customary bow before a match.

"This shouldn't take too long." Draco said twirling his wand a little as he looked at Harry. Lupin was busy making sure that everyone had their shield charms up before they began.

Harry smirked. "Of course it won't. It'd be better if you just give up now Malfoy. We all know that you can't beat me."

Draco barely raised an eyebrow. "Over confident aren't we, Potter? Though I suppose hearing that I've had quite a bit of training wouldn't get through that thick Gryffindor skull of yours."

"Oh I heard it Malfoy, but I don't think you could pull it off." Harry said wand at the ready. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Lupin send up the sparks so they could begin.

And begin they did…

Harry barely managed to move to the side of a hex that put a hole in the wall. He glared at Malfoy who seemed to be mockingly apologetic at the hex he sent and then sent one of his own that didn't hit Draco but shattered his shield charm. Draco's eyes narrowed as he began sending charms and hexes in the other's direction getting as good as he gave.

Ron was mentally cheering. Seriously, if this wasn't the middle of class then he would probably get up on a table and dance as if he had one too many shots of firewhiskey. His Potions' plan had been a flop but the DADA one worked almost perfectly. He would have to deal with his sister next and work on convincing her that she should break it off with Harry, but right now he was going to enjoy his small victory.

Too bad victory never lasts long.

Ron was so busy having a mind party at the fact that he got Harry and Draco to interact in class that his shield lowered due to his distraction. Therefore, Ron did not notice two stray hexes flying towards him causing him to be knocked to his feet with a massive headache and unable to see properly. He barely heard Professor Lupin calling for an end to the duel and instructing someone to carry him up to the hospital wing. Ron didn't recognize who was carrying him but he didn't mind at the moment because he had at least gotten them to duel.

A few hours later, Ron laid there with his eyes closed feeling noticeably better than he had when the curses had struck. There were voices around his bed and he wasn't sure what to make of them.

"Harry, I am telling you that something is very wrong with Ron. I mean he basically volunteered you to duel Malfoy, of all people!" Hermione exclaimed.

Harry sighed. "Well now I have to work with Malfoy in Defense Against the Dark Arts, unfortunately. At least, you get to work with someone from our own house. Then again I suppose I can tease Ron because he is stuck working with his Potions partner again."

Madam Pomfrey came in to tell them that they had to be a little quieter in which they both nodded to agree.

Ron, however, was smiling internally and fighting to keep the smile off of his face where they could see. He did it! Harry and Draco were partners for DADA and even though it came at the price of him going to the hospital wing, Ronald Weasley would count this as a success. Now all he had to do was get them together and keep them together by any means necessary. As he drifted back into sleep, he thought of his strategy for having Ginny question her relationship with Harry.

Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Chapter 2
A/N: Just Ron finally getting a slight bit of success. I will most likely put Ron with Blaise, Hermione with Pansy, and Ginny with Theo or someone. Characters are OOC in some aspects or it wouldn't be fanfiction. :) Enjoy. As usual Don't Like Don't Read.

Previous Chapter: Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Chapter 1

Next Chapter:

Chapter 1 - Potion's Disaster

Harry and Ron made it to breakfast with only 20 minutes left until classes. Ron had been more focused on his plans than food. He ate as fast as he could and then rushed off to Potions class making Harry and Hermione give him odd looks. After all, they shared the class with some of the Slytherins and Ron was definitely anti-Slytherin.

"Do you think Ron hit his head or something? I mean rushing off to our NEWT Potions class. I am happy I managed to tutor him enough so he could even take it, or maybe Dumbledore intervened, but either way… he seems happy?" Hermione said questioning the end of that sentence. It really didn't make sense.

Harry nodded slightly as they walked. "Yes, it is like he is planning something, but wouldn't that mean he would at least tell us. We have all been friends for years and I'm dating his sister. He usually tells me everything now, whether I want to hear it or not."

The brunette frowned as they made their way into class and took their seats. Ron was already sitting in his seat with his potions book on the desk and Hermione was beginning to think someone was impersonating her dearest friend and crush. There was no way in hell that Ron would ever be so excited by a class he referred to as bloody awful with their slimy git of a professor and "ferret face".

She studied Ron a bit more before deciding to see if he was an impostor under polyjuice potion. "Ron, how did you and Harry get to Hogwarts second year? Also, who is Moony?" she asked knowing that while the first question may seem easy, the second one was not.

"We got here in my dad's flying car and Moony is Remus Lupin." Ron said resisting the urge to roll his eyes. "Why?"

"Well… you are acting strange Ronald." Hermione stated as she only used his full first name when she was worried, annoyed, or thought something was seriously wrong.

Ron looked at her and quickly thought about his words before speaking. It wasn't something that he had done before now, but he was working on a bigger picture here. "Can't I just be excited that it is our last year and I am one step closer to being an auror?"

Hermione blinked. She supposed that was a very credible reason for Ron's excitement. It also proved that perhaps Ron was maturing in to a man she could definitely be proud of dating. A smile broke out on her face and she nodded before she faced the front.

Professor Snape walked in looking as though he was delivered some particularly bad news. This had Ron biting his bottom lip in order to stop himself from smiling. He was worried about being able to bait the professor into pairing them up but it seemed Snape was too mad about something to realize what he was doing.

"All of you were lucky enough to make it to this class and I do mean all of you." Snape said as he looked around the room. There were 20 students in total with six Gryffindors, seven Slytherins, five Ravenclaws, and two Hufflepuffs.

"We were lucky enough to make it here, but let's face it, the Gryffindors will pass because we are Gryffindors and your Slytherins won't even have to work on their potions to pass." Ron muttered loud enough to hear. He knew he would probably end up with quite a few detentions, but he could keep planning that way as he doubted Snape would fancy a nice long chat with him during it.

Snape's eyes narrowed in on Ron. "I assure Mr. Weasley, that no one will just be skating through this class!" the professor snapped. He had been asked by the headmaster to try and give a few less detentions this year, but it was already looking like he was going to go against that.

Ron was on alert but not noticeably as he ignored Hermione and Harry's concerned looks to keep going. "I was just thinking professor, that it doesn't matter with this class. We…" he said putting his arms around Hermione and Harry. "We are still going to get fantastic jobs for all of our war efforts even if we don't get perfect scores in this class. While your Slytherins are still going to be viewed as a bunch of slimy gits who can't work with anyone and should generally be distrusted. After all, pledging allegiance to Voldemort of one's own free will…." Ron didn't need to go any further as he could see Snape ready to explode for his arrogant attitude.

"You will have detention for the next three days Mr. Weasley. I expect you to be here by 9 pm sharp! As for your little rant about my Slytherins, I've now decided to pair you all up with someone else. We can't have you passing due to Ms. Granger again can we?" the Potions Master practically sneered with glee.

Ronald Weasley was ecstatic, but now he hoped Snape would put them into the pairs he was pushing for. If he could get Harry and Draco to have to work together, then working through their hatred should be a bit easier. He could even plan this in a few other classes and tell those teachers that he thought it would be good for unity after the war was over, though perhaps he should just make it one more class instead of two. Draco was good at Potions and Harry was good at Defense Against the Dark Arts. They could see each other's strengths and weaknesses in classes to begin building their relationship.

Ron heard Snape call out Hermione and Pansy to work together. Now that was an interesting pair. Ron liked Hermione a lot and Pansy was into… bloody hell. He had forgotten about Pansy during all his strategic planning. He would need to get her out of the picture but how? The red head glanced over at the two and saw Pansy's disgusted look at having to work with Hermione. Hmmm… perhaps he could lightly suggest those two become friends or something.

His name was called and he was to work with Blaise Zabini. Not bad, he supposed. If he was someone to go both ways, he could definitely see himself trying for the admittedly good looking male. Now all Ron needed was for Snape to c-

"Harry Potter and Theodore Nott"

Bloody hell. That was not how he planned this at all, but he supposed it could have gone worse. Maybe working with Nott would prove to Harry that he could work well with other Slytherins as well. Draco was paired with a random Hufflepuff which could teach him that working with people he despised wasn't that bad. Yes, Ron knew he could use this to his advantage if he changed his strategies a bit.

Or maybe he'd have a better chance getting them paired up in another class. There had to be some teacher who was thinking along the same brilliant lines that he was, or at least willing to put the two enemies on a project together. If that failed he needed to think of a new strategy. One way or another Draco and Harry were going to be an item before this year was out.

Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Chapter 1
A/N: I don't own Harry Potter or make money off this fanfiction.

Characters are OOC in some aspects or it wouldn't be fanfiction. :) Enjoy. As usual don't like... don't read.

Previous Chapter: Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Prologue

Chapter 2: Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Chapter 2

Voldemort was defeated.

After Hermione's tireless research, they found a spell that would attack and destroy all pieces of a person no matter where. This spell did not need to go through walls or anything like that but simply be added to a potion, cast upon Voldemort himself, or even cast into the air to seek out Voldemort's soul. It was a seeker spell and the magic simply sought out the pieces without any artifact needing to be destroyed. How ridiculously simple and it took a sixteen year old to find a spell the older generations should have.

Seriously, they had been fighting this mad man for over six years since becoming Harry's friend and yet all it took was a simple seeking spell to defeat him. Why had no one thought of that before? Oh yes, the people fighting were just as bad as Voldemort, they felt to defeat power they needed more power. Of course they thought of it like that. After all, these were older wizards who had teenagers fighting a war because they insisted on living their lives by prophecy, instead of taking charge and dealing with the problem themselves.

This however left a really huge problem.

It was their seventh year and there was nothing to do besides study for exams. Those who had to participate in the war didn't feel much up to keeping their old rivalries and anyone who sincerely renounced the Dark Lord found their Dark Marks just falling off. Draco Malfoy was one such person as he hadn't truly wanted to follow the mad man in the first place.

It was now that Ronald Weasley came up with his next great idea for a mission. His mission: Get Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together.


He was sure Hermione would give him trouble if he told her and Ginny would most certainly cry, but Harry never showed the interest in his little sister the way he did Malfoy. Hell, minus a couple of kisses and a talk or two, those two weren't really around each other. Hermione and Harry knew each other more than Ginny and Harry, so it just made sense they wouldn't end up together.

Still, Harry was such a nice person and wouldn't just openly break Ginny's fangirl fantasies of him so he needed to split them up. This was going to be great. He wasn't necessarily Malfoy's biggest fan, but he thought those two would be an adorably happy couple and with a few potions and spells, they could have a family as well. If he was being honest with himself, Harry's rivalry with the slimy – err he'd have to change that thought – Slytherin was more passionate than anything else Harry had done. It would be a perfect relationship.

Besides the Ginny, he had the other problem of the two seemingly hating each other, but was it really hate? No, it was simply a misunderstanding and years of unresolved sexual tension. Isn't that what romance novels would portray it as? He would need to put them in situations that would call for them to work really close together. In fact, he had even managed and signed up for Potions with Harry and he knew Draco was taking the class. Ron figured he could use Snape's seeming hatred of Harry to his advantage.

As he closed his eyes to go to sleep, Ronald Weasley's mind was filled with thousands of ways to put Harry and Draco together. He figured Harry would probably be the bottom one so he would need to put some other ideas in his head as well. Draco might take a bit of work, but Ron was a pureblood wizard as well. He knew the traditions and he would more than happily "set" those two up using them for Draco's end. With that final thought, Ron drifted off to sleep.

Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Prologue
A/N: I do not own Harry Potter and make no money off of this fanfiction.

On another note, I am going to working on a new story while finishing up and redoing some of my old ones. I now have time to do this and I want them finished. This is a little idea that popped into my head and so I shared it. Those of my readers on here and AFF will notice a slight difference. Sorry. The characters are OOC and this is NOT fully HBP compliant and definitely not DH compliant. I was just re-reading the books and this popped into my head.

 Next Chapter: Ronald Weasley's Strategies - Chapter 1

Which Story do you want an update to first? 

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I am back. :)

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Hello everyone.

I am back in a sense.  I am working on old fanfics and new ones as we speak.  I had a bit of trouble in my personal life.  I needed to move.  I ended up having to transfer schools and everything has been a mess.  However, things seem to be doing alright for me for now and so I have a posting schedule.  I will tell you if it changes.

As of now:
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Thank you to everyone voting and I hope to continue to give you fun and decent fanfiction.  :)


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